Muggles | Azzaro Wanted by Azzaro


Muggles is a bold and magnetic fragrance that captures the essence of boldness and confidence. Inspired by the notion of the wanted man, it exudes a sense of rebellious charm and fearless allure, making it an essential companion for those who seek excitement and seize every opportunity.

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The impression of Azzaro Wanted, an audacious and charismatic fragrance that embodies the spirit of a modern-day adventurer.This scent celebrates the thrill of living life to the fullest, embracing the spirit of daring and ambition.

Key Notes

Top notes: Juniper Berries
Middle Notes:Sage
Base Notes: Vetiver

Sillage :

Sillage: Moderate

Why Choose ‘Muggles ‘ our Impression of Azzaro Wanted :

  • Unapologetic Boldness: Muggles embraces unapologetic boldness, capturing the essence of audacity and confidence.
  • Modern Adventurer: The fragrance embodies the spirit of a modern adventurer, someone who fearlessly seeks new experiences and embraces life to the fullest.