Tea Tree Hydrosol


Tea Tree Hydrosol has a fresh green aroma. Like its essential counterpart, this gentle floral water is great for helping to keep skin clear, and healthy. Tackles everything from face blemishes to minor cuts and scrapes with its cleansing and purifying properties

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Made up of the botanical water during the steam distillation of tea tree leaves. Experience the invigorating essence of Tea Tree. Infused with a fresh, green aroma, this gentle floral water mirrors the purifying benefits of its essential oil counterpart.


  1. Healing: Renowned for its healing qualities, Tea Tree Hydrosol assists in soothing and supporting skin recovery, aiding in minor skin discomforts.
  2. Purifying: With natural purifying attributes, this hydrosol cleanses the skin, contributing to a clearer and refreshed complexion.
  3. Cleansing: Tea Tree Hydrosol gently cleanses the skin, supporting a healthy and balanced appearance while providing a refreshing feel.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory: It contains anti-inflammatory properties, potentially aiding in reducing redness and skin irritation.
  5. Antibacterial: Tea Tree Hydrosol helps combat bacteria, potentially aiding in the prevention of acne and other skin blemishes.


Spray directly on skin or use a cotton ball to apply to areas of concern. May also be used as a facial toner to support clear skin.


Tea Tree Leaf Water, Radish Root Ferment, Water.