Not So Old | Burberry Body By Burberry


“Not So Old” exudes timeless elegance and modern sophistication, inspired by the iconic Burberry Body fragrance. This captivating scent celebrates the spirit of a woman who embraces her ageless allure with confidence. With notes of fresh bergamot, delicate rose, and warm vanilla, “Not So Old” is the essence of ageless beauty and enduring grace.

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Unveil the allure of “Not So Old,” an enchanting fragrance inspired by Burberry Body, a timeless creation by Burberry. This scent pays homage to the ageless beauty and enduring grace of a woman who confidently embraces every stage of life.

Key Notes:

Top Notes: Fresh Bergamot, Peach, and Freesia

Middle Notes: Rose, Iris, and Sandalwood

Base Notes: Warm Vanilla, Amber, and Musk


Sillage: Subtle

Why Choose ‘Not So Old’ our Impression of Burberry Body:

  1. Ageless Beauty: “Not So Old” celebrates the ageless beauty within every woman, capturing the essence of grace and confidence.
  2. Elegance Redefined: Inspired by Burberry Body, this fragrance redefines elegance, bringing a touch of sophistication to every moment.
  3. Timeless Appeal: With a blend of fresh bergamot, delicate rose, and warm vanilla, “Not So Old” encapsulates timeless appeal and enduring charm.